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Drew Maxwell walked away from his rich and privileged life, vowing never to return. He didn't want the life his politically powerful and corrupt father wanted for him. But, when Drew’s brother died under mysterious circumstances at their father’s alma mater, he knew he had to get answers. Transferring to the one place he never wanted to attend, Drew came to Stonewall University determined to discover what happened to his brother and to bring to justice to those who were responsible. He didn’t expect to find the one girl who had broken his heart.

Gwen Mason fled her family home and the oppression and abuse of her parents. Receiving a full scholarship to Stonewall University seemed like a dream come true. The opportunity gave her a chance at a new start with the freedom to find herself without being under her parents rule. Her life had finally gotten back on track until she ran into Drew Maxwell, the guy who had abandoned her years before. He was no longer her safe haven and the one she turned to when life got too difficult. The boy she had loved turned into a stoic and cruel man who wants nothing to do with her. She's determined to ignore him, because after all, she didn't need him any longer... or so she hoped.

The conclusion of the Secret Society Series coming Nov. 18, 2021

Drew Maxwell was out for revenge.
An investigation into his brother’s death turned into a deadly game with a secret society that has the power to destroy his life. Filled with the world’s most rich, powerful, ruthless and infamous men and women, the Scorpio Society believes they should rule everything and everyone, and kill anyone who opposes them. Drew’s mission is to end the Scorpio Society’s reign of terror before they end him.

Gwen Mason was out for freedom.
Her father’s treachery stretched far beyond parental abuse and neglect to promising her as payment to a business associate. Gwen must go up against the highest levels of corruption and organized crime that her father has entangled her. Not knowing who to trust, she will have to sift through the web of lies around her.